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Axiom ax-c16 2223
Description: Axiom of Distinct Variables. The only axiom of predicate calculus requiring that variables be distinct (if we consider ax-5 1704 to be a metatheorem and not an axiom). Axiom scheme C16' in [Megill] p. 448 (p. 16 of the preprint). It apparently does not otherwise appear in the literature but is easily proved from textbook predicate calculus by cases. It is a somewhat bizarre axiom since the antecedent is always false in set theory (see dtru 4643), but nonetheless it is technically necessary as you can see from its uses.

This axiom is redundant if we include ax-5 1704; see theorem axc16 1941. Alternately, ax-5 1704 becomes logically redundant in the presence of this axiom, but without ax-5 1704 we lose the more powerful metalogic that results from being able to express the concept of a setvar variable not occurring in a wff (as opposed to just two setvar variables being distinct). We retain ax-c16 2223 here to provide logical completeness for systems with the simpler metalogic that results from omitting ax-5 1704, which might be easier to study for some theoretical purposes.

This axiom is obsolete and should no longer be used. It is proved above as theorem axc16 1941. (Contributed by NM, 10-Jan-1993.) (New usage is discouraged.)

Ref Expression
Distinct variable group:   ,

Detailed syntax breakdown of Axiom ax-c16
StepHypRef Expression
1 vx . . . 4
2 vy . . . 4
31, 2weq 1733 . . 3
43, 1wal 1393 . 2
5 wph . . 3
65, 1wal 1393 . . 3
75, 6wi 4 . 2
84, 7wi 4 1
Colors of variables: wff setvar class
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