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Table of Contents - Non-unital rings ("rngs")

According to Wikipedia, "... in abstract algebra, a rng (or pseudo-ring or non-unital ring) is an algebraic structure satisfying the same properties as a [unital] ring, without assuming the existence of a multiplicative identity. The term "rng" (pronounced rung) is meant to suggest that it is a "ring" without "i", i.e. without the requirement for an "identity element"." (see, 6-Jan-2020).

  1. crng
  2. df-rng0
  3. isrng
  4. rngabl
  5. rngmgp
  6. ringrng
  7. ringssrng
  8. isringrng
  9. rngdir
  10. rngcl
  11. rnglz