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Theorem stoic3

Description: Stoic logic Thema 3. Statement T3 of Bobzien p. 116-117 discusses Stoic logic Thema 3. "When from two (assemblies) a third follows, and from the one that follows (i.e., the third) together with another, external assumption, another follows, then that other follows from the first two and the externally co-assumed one. (Simp. Cael. 237.2-4)" (Contributed by David A. Wheeler, 17-Feb-2019)

Ref Expression
Hypotheses stoic3.1 φ ψ χ
stoic3.2 χ θ τ
Assertion stoic3 φ ψ θ τ


Step Hyp Ref Expression
1 stoic3.1 φ ψ χ
2 stoic3.2 χ θ τ
3 1 2 sylan φ ψ θ τ
4 3 3impa φ ψ θ τ