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Theorem peano1

Description: Zero is a natural number. One of Peano's five postulates for arithmetic. Proposition 7.30(1) of TakeutiZaring p. 42. Note: Unlike most textbooks, our proofs of peano1 through peano5 do not use the Axiom of Infinity. Unlike Takeuti and Zaring, they also do not use the Axiom of Regularity. (Contributed by NM, 15-May-1994)

Ref Expression
Assertion peano1 ∅ ∈ ω


Step Hyp Ref Expression
1 limom Lim ω
2 0ellim ( Lim ω → ∅ ∈ ω )
3 1 2 ax-mp ∅ ∈ ω