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Theorem 19.23t

Description: Closed form of Theorem 19.23 of Margaris p. 90. See 19.23 . (Contributed by NM, 7-Nov-2005) (Proof shortened by Wolf Lammen, 13-Aug-2020) df-nf changed. (Revised by Wolf Lammen, 11-Sep-2021) (Proof shortened by BJ, 8-Oct-2022)

Ref Expression
Assertion 19.23t x ψ x φ ψ x φ ψ


Step Hyp Ref Expression
1 19.38b x ψ x φ x ψ x φ ψ
2 19.3t x ψ x ψ ψ
3 2 imbi2d x ψ x φ x ψ x φ ψ
4 1 3 bitr3d x ψ x φ ψ x φ ψ