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Definition df-iota

Description: Define Russell's definition description binder, which can be read as "the unique x such that ph ", where ph ordinarily contains x as a free variable. Our definition is meaningful only when there is exactly one x such that ph is true (see iotaval ); otherwise, it evaluates to the empty set (see iotanul ). Russell used the inverted iota symbol iota to represent the binder.

Sometimes proofs need to expand an iota-based definition. That is, given "X = the x for which ... x ... x ..." holds, the proof needs to get to "... X ... X ...". A general strategy to do this is to use riotacl2 (or iotacl for unbounded iota), as demonstrated in the proof of supub . This can be easier than applying riotasbc or a version that applies an explicit substitution, because substituting an iota into its own property always has a bound variable clash which must be first renamed or else guarded with NF.

(Contributed by Andrew Salmon, 30-Jun-2011)

Ref Expression
Assertion df-iota ι x | φ = y | x | φ = y

Detailed syntax breakdown

Step Hyp Ref Expression
0 vx setvar x
1 wph wff φ
2 1 0 cio class ι x | φ
3 vy setvar y
4 1 0 cab class x | φ
5 3 cv setvar y
6 5 csn class y
7 4 6 wceq wff x | φ = y
8 7 3 cab class y | x | φ = y
9 8 cuni class y | x | φ = y
10 2 9 wceq wff ι x | φ = y | x | φ = y