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Table of Contents - 11.1.3. Standard basis (unit vectors)

According to Wikipedia ("Standard basis", 16-Mar-2019, "In mathematics, the standard basis (also called natural basis) for a Euclidean space is the set of unit vectors pointing in the direction of the axes of a Cartesian coordinate system.", and ("Unit vector", 16-Mar-2019, "In mathematics, a unit vector in a normed vector space is a vector (often a spatial vector) of length 1.". In the following, the term "unit vector" (or more specific "basic unit vector") is used for the (special) unit vectors forming the standard basis of free modules. However, the length of the unit vectors is not considered here, so it is not required to regard normed spaces.

  1. cuvc
  2. df-uvc
  3. uvcfval
  4. uvcval
  5. uvcvval
  6. uvcvvcl
  7. uvcvvcl2
  8. uvcvv1
  9. uvcvv0
  10. uvcff
  11. uvcf1
  12. uvcresum
  13. frlmssuvc1
  14. frlmssuvc2
  15. frlmsslsp
  16. frlmlbs
  17. frlmup1
  18. frlmup2
  19. frlmup3
  20. frlmup4
  21. ellspd
  22. elfilspd